Racing UPward

An educational program that uses virtual racing to drive a diverse curriculum that immerses kids in a variety of engaging activities that stimulate growth and interest in physics, engineering, physiology, and math.

Learn to Collaborate

Explore psychology, logistics, communications

Explore the Science of Motorsport

Learn Scientific Priciples

Explore engineering, math and physics

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Comprehensive and Applied Education

Racing UPward is designed to test student mastery of material, promote teamwork, foster problem-solving, and connect groups of kids across the country and globe. New technology allows us to simulate the entire world of motorsports with incredible accuracy.

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“ Driving is a reaction-based sport, in contrast to a more fitness-oriented sport such as running. Drivers react to where they are on track, what the car is doing, and what is going on around them. They need quick reactions, but those responses are very specialized. Expert drivers have earlier recognition of the situation and developed a trained response to external stimuli: their movements are strong, coordinated, efficient, and precise. “
Racing UPward · Learning Material

Simulator rigs are standardized, professional quality, cost controlled, and are used to implement the engineering design cycle while experiencing careers in data, planning, and media that drive successful race teams.

Read through the sample curriculum used to guide and teach during the six week summer course at the University of Lynchburg.


Learn the Basics

Understand driving, motorsports, and the engineering cycle behind it all


Practice and Develop

Learn good driving and personal habits to utilize in simulated races


Join In

Take part in the iNSL iRacing Student Innovation Challenge


Implement and Compete

Continue to develop real world skills and a keen mindset for success


Skill-based Learning

The curriculum caters to absolute beginners, teaching everything from the very basics of how to drive to advanced vehicular control and cross disciplinary knowledge on vehicular dynamics, marketting techniques, and human physiology.

  • Develop Teamwork for the Digital Age

    Learn effective communication, digital workflows, and delegation
  • Practical Lessons in Physics and Engineering

    Dive into aerodynamics, vehicular dynamics, and power utilization
  • Practice Modern Marketing

    Leverage social media, art and design, logo and brand placements
  • Discover How Humans Operate

    Understand human physiology and sports psychology in action