Workforce Transportation

Dedicated “Network” that reduces costs and increases options for getting people to and from work.

Question: In a smaller city or rural area, where are you most likely to find someone who can help get an employee to a remote job site or to a job that starts at odd hours, such as second or third shift?

Answer: A fellow employee.

How does it work?

  • • The Federal Government allows an employer to create a Commuter Spending Account, similar to a flexible spending account or Health Savings Account.
  • • Employees can elect to divert money around payroll into this account.
  • • 2024 allowance is $315 / month / employee.
  • • The use of the funds must be auditable and go to rides beginning or ending at work, but this can be used for public transit, taxis, vanpools, or other rideshare.

What if there is no established service that will work for that employer / employee?

  • • MoveUP can build a Workforce Transportation Network, accessible through the app.
  • • Fellow employees can signup as drivers in this network.
  • • Now one employee can pay another employee to get them to work, helping both the employee needing a ride and the employee providing the ride.
  • • Because of MoveUP’s data capture, all of the ride data – including start and end gps data – are retained.
  • • Use of a unified payment account assures money is only disbursed to qualitied employees on qualified trips.


  • • Employer: Reduced absenteeism; Reduced payroll expenses.
  • • Employee: Reduced transportation costs; Ability to be compensated for providing transportation to fellow employees.

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