MoveUP Volunteer Transportation Network

MoveUP’s unique volunteer transportation system allows organizations such as community nonprofits to securely and effectively post ride requests to volunteer drivers. The drivers must be vetted through our in-app background a driving record check and is continuously monitored. Volunteers see ride requests including the data, time, pick-up and drop-off locations, and the requesting organization.

A neighborhood of homes

Volunteers get things done that no one else can do

  • • Hosted on MoveUP’s National Nonprofit network
  • • Driver qualifications selected by locality:
  • ◦ On-app background check (DigiSure Trust Score, comprehensive driving and criminal check)
  • ◦ Off-app standards as appropriate, manual admission
  • • Ride requests entered by dedicated personnel selected by local participating nonprofits
  • ◦ “transportation by proxy”
  • ◦ Allows nonprofits to have informal arrangements with drivers as needed (provide vehicles, gas compensation, employed drivers, etc.)
  • • Drivers know that all ride requests have been vetted and are legitimate needs
  • • No in-app money transfer; transportation cost reimbursement can be arranged off-app