Reimagining of a Phlebotomists Career

An online course that emphasizes the important roles phlebotomists take on in clinical settings and teaches the specialized skills that connect the laboratory to the treating clinicians.

Broad Impact

Help people from all walks of life

Become an Integral Team Member

Medicine relies on great phlebotomists

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A Meaningful Draw

Whether you are a college student looking to gain valuable experience and an important skillset for a career as a physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner or doctor, or if you simply want to begin a rewarding career as a critical part of the modern healthcare team, this course is an open door.

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“ Phlebotomists are an essential part of laboratory medicine: using tests to try to figure out if something is wrong with someone, and if so, what. Laboratories are a part of the healthcare system. Understanding how it all fits together is very important. “
Phlebotomy Course Guide · Chapter 2. How It All Works

The Phlebotomy Training Course from Unified Potential will explain the role of a phlebotomist and teach you what you need to know to enter a hospital environment and begin working toward an exciting and rewarding position bringing the science of the laboratory to the patient.

Download the free online course to learn about phlebotomy and its importance to patients and healthcare alike.


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Get familiar with concepts, techniques used, and the integral role of phlebotomy in healthcare


Apply Your Knowledge

Prepare for certification test to solidify and verify your understanding of key concepts and techniques


Access Better Opportunities

Become a certified phlebotomy technician (CPT) to maximimize your opportunities at work


Stick With It

Continue to play a critical role in healthcare teams throughout the medical industry

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Vital Technical and Personal Skills

Understanding the importance of interpersonal interactions in the medical industry has never been more important. The Phlebotomy Course is intended to highlight the importance of the technical, interpersonal, and scientific importance of a phlebotomist.

  • Understand Patient Care

    Patients come to us in order to stay healthy or to get better; it is our duty to treat them well.
  • Straightforward Explainations

    Gain a firm understanding of the basics of the human body and how to apply it to real tasks.
  • Rewarding and Gratifying Work

    Learn organization, the importance of procedure, and how a job well done impacts patients and their families.