MoveUP is a smartphone app that facilitates flexible management of any transportation system, connecting riders to drivers and allowing the connection of that system to other systems private or public, in a seamless network.

Community Solutions

Affordable and safe transportation for everyone.

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Inclusive and Flexible

Use the MoveUP platform in whatever way fits your needs.

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Wholistic Community Transportation

Effective transportation looks as varied as the people within the community it serves. The more rural the locality, the more important it is to connect every available asset together, assuring everyone has the ride they need, every time.

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“ Rural residents have limited transportation options; only 36 percent have the choice between airline, rail, and bus transportation services. However, the demand for regionally focused, connected, accessible, and equitable public transit solutions is rising. “

We help provide safe and effective solutions that utilize MoveUP's audited and traceable system to help get seniors, medical patients, children, or neighbors where they need to go.

Learn how we help volunteers, non-emergent medical transport, and rural areas achieve accessible transportation.


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Moving Forward

MoveUP aims to push the evolution of public and private transit from antiquated models of buses and taxis through an innovative system that better connects resources and maximizes capabilities.

  • On Demand & Scheduled Rides

    MoveUP facilitates the connection of drivers to their passengers allowing both on-demand and scheduled transport.
  • No Commission

    Drivers set their own fares. Drivers are true independent contractors: you keep 100% of the money you earn. No cost to join.
  • Volunteer Mode

    MoveUP proudly offers the first system to enable drivers who would like to operate as volunteers to provide meaningful impact.
  • Deliveries

    MoveUP allows any business or group to coordinate deliveries. Any business can create its own transportation network to suit its needs.